You can easily share your projects with anyone using the Deal Sharing feature in Assess. This article will walk through the Deal Sharing workflow and many of the options that it offers you.

Sharing a Deal

Log into Assess and open the project that you want to share. Click on the Deal Sharing tab on the left side menu:

Now type the email(s) of the people you would like to share your deal with and click send. It isn't necessary for your recipient to already have an Assess account - when you share a deal with them they will receive an email invitation to accept the share and create their own Assess account.

Share recipients will receive this notification in their email

Viewing Share Status and Revoking Access

Once you have shared your deal, under Manage Recipients you will see the email addresses of everyone you have shared the current deal with. The message in the Status column will change from "Sent" to "Viewed" once your recipient has opened the deal. You will also have the option to resend a notification if your recipient has not yet opened your deal.

You can revoke access to your shared deal at any time by clicking on the X button at the far right. This means that your recipients will no longer be able to open the original deal that you shared with them.

Viewing and Opening Deals Shared With You

Log into your Assess account and navigate to the Shared With Me page, located to the right of Samples:

On this page you'll see all of the deals that are currently being shared with you. Deals that you have not yet viewed will have a

tag beside them. Click on any deal to open a read-only version of it.

Note that a deal that is shared with you is really a "snapshot" of that deal when it was shared. So even if the deal sender makes an assumption change in their deal, the version of the deal in your account will not change. If you wanted to see the most up-to-date version of the sender's deal, then they would have to re-share their modified deal with you.

Editing Deals Shared With You

Deals that have been shared with you are read-only when you first open them. If you would like to make changes to these incoming deals, first open them, and then click on the Edit Deal button near the top right corner of the page. This will prompt you to name and create a new copy of this deal that will be stored on your own account.

Assess subscribers will be able to edit assumptions and generate new reports, while free account users will be able to view the dashboard and previously generated reports. Remember that because this project is your copy, you don't have to worry about unwanted changes to the original shared deal.

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