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When you first log into your Assess account, you are greeted by six sample projects. These models are completed examples that showcase how to underwrite each of these asset types. Click on any of the projects to open them and view the full model. You can also make a copy of any sample project to use as a starting template for your own model. If you want to start a project from scratch, see our article on building your first deal.

A brief description of each Sample Project follows:

Anchored Retail Center

A medium-sized retail center anchored by a grocery store. From modified net leases to percentage rent, this model features a complete tool-set for modeling a retail property.

Suburban Office

An office building with a coffee shop on the ground floor. This model features a broad array of expense reimbursement structures, including Net, Gross, and Base Year Expense Stops. Discount rate-based valuation quickly and automatically calculates a property purchase price.

270-Unit Multi-Family

A large residential building with various apartment types. Even with numerous tenants and a complex unit mix, it’s easy to adjust rents and growth rates using Market Leasing assumptions.

Ground-Up Single Tenant Retail

See how to model the construction and lease-up of a small retail property, complete with detailed development costs and financing for both the construction and stabilized periods.

Office Redevelopment

Capital expenditure modeling made easy. Building upgrades, repairs, and refreshes are followed by the re-leasing of the entire property at market rates. Instantly see how building improvements affect property cash flows in the pro forma.

Class-A Office Property

A large downtown office building with ground floor retail space. An in-depth return summary showcases the property’s annual performance, and the model dynamically calculates a sale price based on these figures.

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