With the Assess Import feature, you can import your existing ARGUS projects into Assess with just a few clicks. This article will outline the import process, as well as detail some things to be aware of as you import your files.

Before importing your files into Assess, make sure they are in the proper Excel (.xlsx) format as described in our articles:

Preparing Your Argus DCF File for Importing into Assess

Preparing Your Argus Enterprise File for Importing into Assess

Once you have exported your files into Excel format, you are ready to import them into Assess!

Importing a Project

Log into your Assess account. Click on the Import tab:

In the Import Projects window that appears, either drag-and-drop your file(s) into the box, or click the "Browse" button and find your file in the file explorer:

After you have selected your files, you can rename them and click on the "Finish Import" button to complete the import:

Your newly imported project(s) will now appear in your My Projects tab, where you can open and edit them in Assess.

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